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When you Sponsor the 44' we will letter the boat with your sponsors decals.

Repair the Port engine                                                                                             $6500.00 

Repair the Stb. Engine                                                                                             $6500.00

Paint, extras, etc.                                                                                                      $2000.00  

Radar & Chart system                                                                                              $6000.00 


Total Budget for the 44'                                                                                         $21,0000    



Sponsor's who have donated money, time, toward this project.

4300 James Savage Rd.
Midland, MI 48642
Phone: 989-496-0511















Come Join The Program! Donate your time, money and let this vessel continue it's life saving community work for another 40+ years.

She needs your help. Call 989-832-6026 or email at 44334@sbcglobal.net