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Well here is the Plan.....

We are going to drive the vessel around to the port of Station Manistee from Port Clinton Ohio during the month of April where she will be reconditioned, repainted, and a whole lot of TLC and make this a workable Rescue Facility again. The Flotilla's of 09W-20-08 Manistee and 09W-20-06 Ludington are working together to restore this vessel.

We are all looking forward to the day when it's done and ready to go. We have allot to do and so little time in which to do it. The budget is set and the plan is simple. The mechanical condition of this vessel is wonderful. It just needs paint and electronics, and some extra parts.

We hope to have it ready to go by Memorial Day. That's the plan. I will keep you posted.

4/25/08 Left Manistee Michigan 3am for Port Clinton Ohio. Arrived 09:30hrs Port Clinton, and loaded Boat and left at 10:00hrs for Belle Isle Michigan. Nice Weather sunny 75* arrived Station Belle Isle 18:20hrs.

4/26/08 Left Station Belle Isle 08:00hrs for Station Port Huron. Arrived Port Huron 15:45hrs. Station Port Huron being dredged, forced to park at the Black River Marina behind the Station Boats. Had to sleep on the boat, not fun, music all night until 02:00hrs....

4/27/08 Left Black River Marina 04:00hrs for St Ignace. We  made Port of Call at Harrisville at 1840hrs, forced off the water by 5-7 footers & windy snowy rainy weather. Weather forecast was for 1/2 foot wind out of the west. It went northeast at 25mph with gusts to 35mph and freezing rain.

4/28/08 We stayed in Port all day for rest & relaxation. Wind still 25+ out of the northeast.

4/29/08 Left Harrisville this morning, good weather at 09:00hrs, estimated arrival is 22:25 port of call  St. Ignace. Wind finally changed to the west great ride.

4/30/08 0630 Hrs Left St Ignace, weather report is good, ride should be fair. Weather service called for 1/2 foot winds out of the north east. The weather service was wrong again, 25mph out of the south west, 7/10 foot waves forced us into North Port at 17:50 hrs to wait for a wind shift. 18:55 hrs finally it shifted and we went for it all night.

5/01/08 06:45 Hrs We are finally home, Port of Manistee, Total ride time is 65 hours, 493 nautical miles. Averaged only 4.7 gal per hr fuel burn at 1500 rpm at 8 knot average. The Boat ran great, small problems, but able to fix most stuff along the way. She did what she was designed to due. Take you out and bring you back.

5/2/08 09:00 hrs Television crews, and newspapers getting interviews and pictures for the news on the story and the adventure that we had.

5/10/08 Started ripping and removing junk and wiring. Cleaned the engine room with a power washer. I will need to do that a couple of more times before hand wiping it down. Filled a 3 yd dumpster with junk from the boat. Noticed the Brass Bell missing. Another piece of history gone. Pictures confirm it is still in Ohio, I have pictures of it the week before, and then the day we left it's missing. 

5/17/08 Installed Wiring, air horns, painted floors in the boat. Cleaned floor mats and removed oily bilge water. Starting sanding outside rough spots for exterior paint to go on.

5/24-5/25/08 We will be at Station Manistee open house. Tours and Questions will be the standard for the two days. I will be still wiring, and painting, and the finished product, a new chart table will be installed. Next week she's coming out to fix and paint the outside.

5/24-5/25 We worked approx 25 hours rewiring the boat. 41years of to many cooks, the 24 volt and the 12 volt system. Painted doors installed the chart table, and spent Sunday cleaning up, four more bags of trash removed. Worked the Open House at Station Manistee with a great turn out. Fun was had by all. The helicopter operations and the Rescue swimmer really put on a great show for all of the people lining the shore. Have made plans for 5/29 the boat hits dry dock and the conversion begins.

5/28 Vessel moved to Seng's Marina to pull the next day. 5/29 Vessel on dry land. Started work on hull with grinding and getting ready to paint. Discovered that hull to rusted to make a dent in rust, need sandblaster. Hired sandblaster he arrived 6/2 started work. Seng's Marina decided that they wanted him gone....prior problems, and so he left with half the hull blasted. In process of hiring another blaster awaiting cost estimate....Oh and half of the hull was primed ready to paint. Maybe we can paint the other half and get some real paint on this weekend. All of these fun problems will work out....I hope...the 4th of July is coming fast.

6/6 She is finally all blasted, and the primer is going to start going on. Only cost twice as much to blast the final half of the boat.

6/7 Started painting the first coat of primer. 85-90 hot muggy, nasty. Sun is killing us, but she is getting painted. Ran out of white primer, but the hard stuff and the bare metal has primer on all of the boat. It's going to rain on Sunday...finished painting at 7pm...nice long shower, nice dinner, adult drinks, lots of sleep....Next week going to build a a-frame for the tow rope. Going to use the tow reel from the bow anchor locker and mount it near the tow bit on the stern of the vessel were it belongs.

6/19 Started really painting allot, and managed to go thru over $2000.00 dollars worth of paint in one day. 7am to 9:15pm no stopping. 4 people, 20+ rollers, 20+ paint brushes, 30 paint trays, 100's of yards of blue tape....ahhhhhhh. This paint will never come off my hands or out of my hair.

6/20 Second finish coat on most items, and most of the top in primer. Drove to Pentwater and other points north to get more paint. Ran out of paint finally...ran out of time 7am to 7pm..ran out of steam. A job well done by the crew.

6/21 Tried to fine more paint on a weekend, no luck be here Tuesday. Found some more primer in quarts and finished the topside primer. Noticed the anchor was painted black and decided to touch it up. Discovered it was originally white, so we are sanding it down and making it white again. We ran out of paint again and I sent the crew home to rest and forget the boat until Tuesday.

6/22 I painted the chevrons on the vessel, and applied most of the stickers on the vessel. Washed off the helm area and cleaned out the water in the main galley. Fixed the antenna and changed the bulbs in the mast. Cleaned up the area and got ready for the final push! The tow reel and the battle lanterns finally made it. All of the pieces are falling into place. It took 3 people 3 hours to put on 30 foot of new bumpers. Only 75 feet to go....  We will finish the painting on Thursday this week. We also fixed the real seal on the port engine. It's finally all coming together. Have made plans to re-launch the vessel on Monday July the 1st, and we will be ready!

6/25  7:30am We are painting and expect by tomorrow to be done! What a relief, and a great thought...all done!

6/27 Rub Rails finished! Painting almost done...touching up forever all of the spots. Scraping off the white splatter with a razor blade. Rigging up the safety life lines on the side of the boat. Working up the first of many punch lists to finish the girl up.

6/28 Painting all done. Touch up is all that's left. Cleaning up the site and picking up the mess after 28 day's on dry land she is ready to splash back into the water and résumé her life's chosen duty, saving lives, protecting property, and providing a safe platform for all that sail with her. The old saying the Coast Guard use to have was "You have to go out, You don't have to come back", don't hold true with this vessel. "She will take you there, and bring you back!" That is her legacy...

6/30 She is going back in the water!

7/3 Manistee fireworks, 7 people on time easy night. Boat looks great, and ran perfect.

7/4 Ludington fireworks, 7 more helpers and plenty of fun and fireworks. The station in the briefing made the comment that all we had to do was turn the boat sideways and we could block the channel by ourselves. Went off with out a hitch and it took us 2 1/2 hours to make the trip fro Manistee to Ludington...

7/26 Left Manistee at 22:00 hrs for Grand Haven Michigan for the Parade of Ships being put on by the Coast Guard. It was going to be a once in a life time show to have two running Aux 44'MLB vessels in the show. We ran into Mother Nature...the weather service who doesn't have one window, or any idea what they are doing tell us winds out of the north 5-10 mph and less then 1 foot seas.. well straight west at 24 knots made for a nasty a beam ride. At 0300 we decided to bag it and wait for daylight and a change. We made a port turn and headed for Pentwater about half way to Grand Haven. We were doing about 8 knot before the turn and once the turn was made she surfed to 11.5 allot all the way into the opening at Pentwater. We lashed her to a dock and went to bed...

7/27 Left Pentwater at 08:30 and got beat up by waves until Muskegon. Not bad but still tiring. Arrived at 13:00 and tied up to the boat lift well. Had a shower, got some food and went to bed by 21:00...slept all night. Nice cool night, wonderful shower, great food!

7/28 all of the boats from the Aux showed up and the telling of lies, and swapping of jokes begins. The trading of secrets and paint brands makes my job allot easier. Ken Bennett who was on the Gold Side now the Aux side driving the MLB 44359 gave allot of praise and suggestions to us on our vessel. Thanks Ken, Joe, and the crew, Division Captain, for all of the support, help and for a wonderful time. We got the photo's and the adventure is truly beginning for the 44334 MLB. It was a great ride 182nm total, 22.7 hrs worth of fun and pleasure. On the way home the 30' MLB 304445 from Muskegon stopped us. Wasn't sure if we were going to jail or what...turns out they need to finish there end of the month quals and needed to tow a big vessel. So sure we let them and laughed all the way home...We got near Ludington and heard on the radio some of our Ludington Aux having fun with the 30'mlb. So we were approximately  2 miles off shore near the power station clay banks and they decided to come out and play.  Well the station called and had us divert toward the clay banks to see if we could spot a drifting jet ski. We looked they looked nothing. We started heading back north again to get home, and the 30' mlb was coming hard to catch up and they got called to the south on some secret squirrel stuff and had to break off and run south.... Made contact with Rich Voss and Donna driving the Aux vessel Walleye, swapped lies told stories laughed and left north bound. Made Manistee at 23:17pm went to bed. It's funny, but everything has a reason, and a purpose. One door opens another one closes. People helping people any division is what the Auxiliary is all about.

8/2 Changed Oil, cleaned bilge, cleaned boat. Made estimates for dual battery setup. Will finish up setup either 8/7 or 8/8.

8/8 Dual Battery setup fighting us all the way. Have to figure out another way to make this work. Old panel won't accept our ideas. Got underway for towing drills with the 47 boat from the station. Weather was starting to kick up a bit, made for some sideways rolls. There were two people working on there quals and one on his check ride. The 47 & 44 came together while in side tow and made a little mess on both vessels.

8/9 Repaired the 44 today and got underway and recovered a 38' vessel that had run out of fuel. We towed him to a calm area and put him in a side tow. 15 min tow and he was safely moored at the city marina. Filled out the paper work and continued on our way. Went over the tow in the debriefing and made note of all of the things we did right, and wrong. Practice is always a good thing, makes the real tows easier, and safer.

8/10 Got underway with the second boat crew and practiced towing and pump drills. Filled the girl up with fuel and cleaned her up and put her to bed. Made a list of things to do next weekend. Had meeting with senior chief an a schedule was put in motion for the rest of the year for training.

8/16 8/17 No report, no crew.

8/24 Painted the decks and she looks sharp. Ran out of paint with a 2-foot square to go.....arrrr... Most of the deck needs another coat anyway. So it's off to Ace to get another gallon.. Labor day weekend coming and summer is leaving.... stormy weather is just around the corner...

8/25 8/26 8/27 No report, no crew.

8/30/08 The family and I have decided to go to Portage Lake Inn for dinner.

9/13 9/14 No report, no crew.

9/20 9/21 No report, no crew.

9/27 9 am she is on the ground for the winter. Winterized the engines & the boat. All strainers petcocks, pumps open and drained or filled with antifreeze. All radio's, tools, important equipment removed.

11/7/08 She is covered for winter.

05/15/09 We touch up paint, and get her ready for next weekend launch.

05/22/09 It's launch day and she is ready to move. She was launched on a sunny day and warm, my daughter Sara, went for a ride down the river.

05/23/09 Cleaning, painting, getting her ready. Shinning the brass, making sure equipment is ready, and restocked. Allot of work to do, and not enough time. She is docked on the Manistee River this year because the other harbor wanted more money for the same water to park on. Oh well a 3 min more drive same water, and great people next to me....

5/30/09 Painted front bunk area. No report, no crew.

6/6/09 Painted rear vomit closet area. No report, no crew.

6/13/09 Cleaned bilge area, put pans under engine. Installed bilge pump and filter to stop oil from going overboard. No report, no crew.

6/27/09 Painted front, main and rear cabin floors. No report, no crew.

7/3/09 No report, no crew.

7/04/09 No report, no crew.

7/05/09 No report, no crew.

7/11-12/09 No report, no crew.

7/18-19/09 No report, no crew.

7/25-26/09 No report, no crew.

8/1-2/09 Went for boat ride with family. Clean out front lockers, replaced all batteries on engines. No report, no crew.

8/12/09 Moving boat to Bay City MI. Left 05:57 calm seas south wind  85* and arrived in Charlevoix MI at 19:28. We are greeted by the 25' Coast Guard boat and they toured our boat.

8/13/09 Left Charlevoix MI at 05:58 calm seas south wind 75* arrived in Presque Isle MI at 20:15.

8/14/09 Left Presque Isle MI at 05:59 calm seas wind south 75* arrived at Tawas MI at 16:30. We are greeted by the 47' Coast Guard boat and they toured our boat.

8/15/09 Left Tawas MI and arrived Bay City MI at 12:30 in calm seas sunny 85* weather. Were meet by station and Auxiliary members from 24-01 Ninth Central Region. Tours hand shakes, pictures, stories were told by all. Off loading boat and personal clothing, she is now in good hands.

8/16/09 Cleaning of boat by Auxiliary members 24-01 has started. I returned to Manistee MI to pick up paint and other items left behind for the trip. Have made lists of items that need to be repaired or replaced before the weekend, will address items, oil, filters and replace before next weekend.

8/18/09 More cleaning, mucking the bilge, picking up items, making lists of things needed. Picking up more life vests.

8/19/09 Making arrangements for this fall of storage. Finding a slip for next year. Lots of open slips.

8/22/09 Moved boat to Bay Harbor Marina. Finished cleaning the boat, made preparations for the boat to get underway. Set dock lines and started to fix small areas of paint problems. The marina has a ships store with snacks, ice, etc. and they also have a pool, great for the kids. Bathrooms and showers are really clean and nice. The personal at the marina are real nice and want to work with us and are glad we are here. Sounds like a beginning of a great relationship.

8/23/09 Started work in the morning, checking fluids and making sure all equipment was in working order. 11:45 we left the dock with 5 pob for a shake down cruise. Gave them all a taste of what is about and what is coming. Practiced with the MOB drills, and even set up the P5 pump and moved water from one side of the boat to the other. Smiles and pride were the practice of the day. Just getting out on the water was all I cared about. Personal are starting to figure out that, "hey there is allot to this program", and it's fun! Returned to the dock at 16:30 and smiles, helping hands, and hand shakes all around. It's an eager crew willing to learn, eager to share, and best of all have fun. Can hardly wait until next time when it begins to count and the people can be served.

8/29/09 Well after 44 years of the heaters not working I have figured them out. Who ever designed this wasn't a plumber. I have the parts coming and have hot water from the engine flowing. Repaired some wiring and straighten up more equipment in the storage lockers.

8/30/09 Crew members met at 13:00 hrs and CPR training, and chart work was the mission of the day. Occasional boaters came by and wanted a tour of the vessel. Information and questions were asked, and answered.

9/12/09 Repaired the small hinge part on the main door. Painted small parts and cleaned up the vessel.

9/13/09 Fueled vessel and went for small boat ride. Had some training in knot tying, and rules of the road.

9/26/09 Last ride of the year. Started taking off items for storage. Went for training and Re-Qual on other AUX members vessels from Saginaw Flotilla. Cold rainy, nasty day. Towing, navigation, safety, all in a days work.

9/27/09 More Qual time, I think I saw some snow.......finished cleaning out the vessel for storage, making notes to winterize.

10/9/09 She is on the ground and done for the year. Very professional crew hoisting the vessel out for the winter in the rain, power washing the bottom and setting the boat before 09:00 hrs. The crew stated that they only had 15 more to do that day. I wished them well and left them to there 38* degree rainy weather and went to work.

10/10/09 Moved more items and did small work for tomorrows winterizing.

10/11/09 Finished out the water draining and winterizing of the vessel. She needs covering and a couple of other house keeping minor weekend.

10/17/09 Good night. All covered up. Plugged into 100volt heater on for the winter...neat.

4/3/10 Uncovered, and so begins the new year. Check her over for missing parts, winter wear. She will need some touching up of the paint.

4/4/10 Moving boat stuff to the boat. Finished painting away CG stripe and installing Michigan registration. The power on is sure nice, and the boat is easy to work on with heat.

4/10/10 All of the water lines and petcocks are closed and tighten up. Added 1 gallon to each motor of cooling antifreeze, normal. Oil is normal, hydraulic fluid normal. Bilge is nasty, will start cleaning when she is in the water.

4/11/10 Checked items and sorted out mess in main cabin. Still have a small mess in forward cabin, and the rear is a giant mess. All of the paint, wiring, water cans in the vomit closet for now. Planning on moving junk from rear to dock box.

4/17/10 Sorted out some dock lines, painted some more touch up on the bottom. Ordered stuff for the boat. She is going in on the 26th of the month.

4/24/10 Batteries in the smoke alarms, co2 and flashlights changed. Flares replaced, lifejackets checked. Pumped out 40 gallons of water from the bilge.

4/26/10 It's 1430 hrs and she is on the mover headed for the water. 1500hrs she is in the water. It all comes down to did you do everything right, will it start? Did I forget anything? Are the sea cocks open? Is she leaking water anywhere? Must of got lucky...nah my check list, and a great vessel. She started right up, and water flowed out the exhaust. No leaks in the bilge, and she backed out of the slings and made her way to the slip. The wind was 25-30 mph and she was as usual, kind and responsive to me after sleeping all winter. She backed right in and just touched the dock as though we had been doing it all winter. Lines secured. power plugged in, we are home.

4/27/10 Quick run to the boat 0730 hrs to check out bilge. No water, life is good.

5/1/10 Installed 2 boat hooks and the leathers that I fashioned out of some leather scraps. Installed the pump can and the lettering for it. Set up the p5 pump and made sure that the bilge pump was working ok. Sorted out lines for the boat and cleaned up the vomit closet. Stored allot of bulk items in the dock box for later use. Need some warm weather an sunny skies to finish painting of the upper structure white and the decks again gray. I have to paint the bollards and mast again, they are getting rough looking.

5/8/10 Mucked out the bilge, cleaned up the boat. Small leak above the anchor on the deck making the floor in the bathroom wet.

5/15/10 Installed new chart table. Sanded and painted front upper white, and turtle back white also. Resealed the anchor on the deck. Have to wait for rain to find out if I got it.

5/16/10 Cleaned up mess on boat from Saturday. Made list of final things that needed attention. Installed new startup lists and checked out electrical systems on boat. No problems seems to check out ok. Radios, gps, radar in working order.

5/19/10 Changed chart table magnetic locks. Used cheap locks, didn't hold up. Tried to change bulbs on mast. Anchor light and one of the stern tow lights out. No power to either socket, suspect either switch, of wiring. Either one takes for ever to chase down. Ordering parts to repair.

5/22/10 Repaired running lights. Removed all water from stern rudder compartment. Going to chip and prim for painting.

5/23/10 Painted stern rudder compartment floor. No water anymore. Plugged all of the exterior leaks. Will get the sides and roof soon. Lots of work to go, but way to hot to work in an enclosed space. Paint fumes real bad, need to figure out something else, need a better plan.

6/3/10 Training OPS on Saginaw Bay. 9 people turned out. Getting crewmembers ready for missions. Boat ran fine all systems ok. Next training mission set for next week.

6/9/10 Training OPS on Saginaw Bay. Anchor drill proved to be a cluster. Have figured out the SOP for it now and will try different approach.

6/13/10 Operation Blessing of the Fleet on the Saginaw River. 6 people turned out for a marine event. Approximately 50 boats where in the event and a fun time was had by all.

6/16/10 Crew Training at F7 dock.

6/23/10 Crew Training at F7 dock.

6/25/10 Getting boat ready for river roar. Fuel, fluids, snacks, drinks...all of the basic's.

6/26/10 Dow River Roar, 10+ hr day and real hot 93*. 8 people turned out for training while underway, and real experience in a large operation. Good food, good people, great day.

6/27/10 Dow River Roar, 11+ hr day and afternoon thunder showers extended the day and made for some fun times. New group, 8 people with allot of knowledge and experience on 44's and larger vessels. Training went well, and the food and the people were great!

7/1/10 Bay City Fireworks detail. 4 people turned out and a fun time was had by all. On Dan's Vessel.

7/2/10 Bay City Fireworks detail. 3 people turned out and a fun time was had by all. On Dan's Vessel.

7/3/10 Bay City Fireworks detail. 3 people turned out and a fun time was had by all. On Dan's Vessel. Big last night got home at 02:30 hrs went straight to Manistee with the dogs.

7/6/10 Ludington MI assisting FC Voss on his vessel. 3-5 foot waves, towing drills with the 25 from the station. Good time...Thanks Rich see you soon!

7/10/10 Getting boat ready for Tall Ships. Fuel, fluids, snacks, drinks...all of the basic's. Power washed the boat down. Painted all of the bitts.

7/11/10 Painted the decks battleship grey. Long day but it's looking great!

7/15/10 Tall Ships Patrol, assisted Tall Ships arriving from Saginaw Bay and escorted down to Vets Park on the Saginaw River. 12+ hour day. 9 POB to help, great time had by all.

7/16/10 Tall Ships Patrol, another 12+ hour day, assisted Bangor Twp Fire Dept. with a grass fire in the swamp, which they had trouble getting too. 5 POB to help, great time had by all.

7/17/10 Tall Ships Patrol, another 11+ hour day, lots of sun and fun. 4 POB to help, great time had by all.

7/18/10 Tall Ships Patrol, only a 4.6 hour day, lots of sun and fun. Assisted with a boat fire on the river. 5 POB to help, great time had by all.

7/28/10 Minor work in engine room, getting supplies together for oil change. Wednesday night training still going strong.

8/7/10 Houghton Lake QE check off rides for the students. Long day, 11+hours and lot's of fun. 4 people where checked off for there Crewmember qualification from the Bay City Flotilla and 2 Coxswains and 2 other crewmembers from Houghton Lake were also checked off. 

8/8/10 Houghton Lake again to finish up the check rides, only another 6+ hour day with lots of sun, fun and good people. Great Job everybody!

8/20/10 Sunny Day 0945hrs underway to Tawas. Dan and Bill decided to make the trip with me and at 1500hrs we pulled into Tawas. Nice ride to Tawas, navigation and engines where checked every hour. We all took turns driving, 1hr on 2hrs off. Mike Herger met us at the dock and we went off into the woods to spend the night.

8/21/10 Sun, rain, the works, but a crew of 8 were on board to tow the 47' boat from the station. Ran towing drills and learned allot. Went for lunch at 1145hrs and debriefed at the table. 1300hrs back underway and search patterns were the idea, along with man overboard drills. By 1445 hrs we went for a patrol out on Lake Huron around the point in 3/5 ft seas. She loved the work and the people, and responded with making us look good. 1645 returned to base and refueled during a small rain storm.

8/22/10 Left the station at 1015 hrs returning to Bay City. Wind on our tail at 25knts and seas building. We went from 8.6knts to 10.2knts all the way home. Nice ride and made Bay City at 1511hrs. We took our time and put her to bed right, she deserved it, and once again she proved "She will take you out and bring you back". I had no doubt, and after this trip allot of crewmembers feel the same, anywhere anytime was the consensus.

9/11/10 Saginaw Bay Rowing Club and the Bay City  Rowing Club annual regatta. We got underway at 0745 hrs and stopped at the Saginaw Bay Club for coffee and a briefing. Got back underway at 0845hrs with 11 rowing shells in front of us. Some of the rowers were out for sport, some just along for the ride. We stayed toward the back just in case there were problems. We arrived all safe and sound at 1215hrs at the Bay City Rowing club. We left the rowing club at 1245hrs and it started to rain. On the way home we assisted a boat that was having engine trouble, we watched him return to the ramp and made sure he went home to sort out his problems. We arrived at the Saginaw Bay Marina and fueled the vessel. We left the marina at 1545hrs.

9/26/10 Underway 1000hrs Saginaw Bay, 2-4' waves, wind 15-20mph NE. Fun ride and kept warm and dry under the new canvas Pat made for us. We decided to go down the river after 4 hrs on the bay and met up with the crew from the station in the 25'RIB. We exchanged greetings and they took a bunch of cookies and left us for lunch. We at while underway and made it all of the way to Zilwaukee Bridge watching and seeing small boats still fishing and having fun. We made it back to the Station for fuel at 1530hrs and moored at the marina at 1615 hrs. Fun day one more to go for the year.

10/3/10 Coast Guard Recognition Church Service. Wonderful service with most of the station personal and many Aux members and families. Lots of awards, and hand shakes around.

10/10/10 Last run for the year. Nice day 65*-75* sunny and calm. Over 150 boaters on the bay today including some in bikinis, nice. Boat ran great and we went out to the end of the channel. Both of the stations boats finally came out as we were going in to due boarding's on other vessels. We burned 48 gal's of fuel and had a great day. Finished up by stripping down the boat and moving most of the important stuff to my van to store at home. I have a few projects for the winter to do, and we are planning on in the summer of 2013 we will tear down both engines, repaint engine room, repair both struts, shaft packing's, send out both prop's to be balanced, and straightened. So the repower the 44 donation fund starts now. Visit the Sponsor's page and donate for one item, or all of the items!

10/19/10 She is out of the water and on  dry ground. She took it well, better then me. She started up fine ran fine and she is going to be put this year in a great spot. Even more shelter from two sides and seems like the bottom paint held up pretty good this year. Will see what happens in the spring. This weekend she will be winterized for the year.

10/21/10 Trickle battery charger, and heater put in engine room. Making plans for Sunday, and for next spring. Looks like minimal painting on bottom paint for next year, maybe a gal or two.

10/24/10 4 gals per engine of antifreeze, opened all valves and seacock's, removed all filters, opened all rooms. Mike Heger & Bill Rosenberg assisted, and Dan Guiett showed up later. She is waiting for next year.

3/5/11 Went and hugged the boat today. I haven't done a thing but hope and wish for warm weather. She is still covered in snow, but the piles are getting smaller, and the engine room greeted me with lights and warm heat. The boat this year the power stayed on and she is looking real happy in there. Almost wanted to get started on her today, but the dogs in the truck would have froze while waiting for me. So the ladder is padlocked in place and the small paint problems on the bottom have been examined and mental notes are being made to check out the paint supply next week to see if I still have any good paint, or I have to order some. I got a pump for the heaters in route to make the cabin heaters work all the time, guaranteed! The website says only 20 days until launch. I hope mother nature decides to turn on Al's global warming soon.

3/26/11 Boat Launched a beautiful day, rain, cold wind. A great day when the boat goes in. She started, she ran all the way to the dock and now waits for crew.

3/30/11 Getting the boat ready for crew. Clean up begins, and batteries are checked and cleaned. Dock lines, tow lines, equipment cleaned and ready. Changed the filters and now the starboard engine won't start. Traced it down to the hand primer pump. Cleaned and reinstalled and the engine fired right up.

5/15/11 First patrol of the year. Canceled due to weather, 40+ knots, 9-11 foot waves, rain.

5/22/11 First patrol of the year, 70* sunny nice day. Around 4pm we were flagged down by a boater with engine trouble. A squall line was approaching and it was decided to take him in tow and remove him from a possible dangerous condition. As soon as we started the tow the sky let loose. We had him on our leeward side and 20kt winds rain, hail for about 15min. Then sun and the gas dock. It was a good shake down for the girl, learned allot, and plan to work on skills.

6/4/11 Worked the learn to row event at the Saginaw Bay rowing club. Had a nice crew turn out and practiced towing  drills between rowing events. 90* hot humid, and way to much sunshine.

6/5/11 Another nice crew day with the boys from Tawas showing up. Approximately 3 miles off shore we were waved down by a boat who needed assistance. Put the vessel in tow and proceeded to the DNR boat launch. One hour and fifty minutes into the shift we started back out to the Bay. 45 minutes away from us another stranded boater was waiting. This was going to be along day. Sunny, 80* no wind to speak of.

6/18/11 Check off rides on Higgins Lake. Great day, sun 75* and a great bunch of crewmembers and flotilla members from 16-03, always a first class operation. Three boats, and over 30 people enjoying the check rides, lunch, and friendship that brings all of us together.

6/19/11 Last day for check rides. Watching crews interact with other crewmembers and all of the friends that come together it always a treat for me personally to watch and learn different methods of small boat operations. The community support is hands down the best for this flotilla that I have seen in the many different flotillas that I have had the pleasure of working with. The township by far deserves a hardy good job, well done!

6/25/11 Dow River Roar Bay City MI, Vets Park. 0700 to 1700 makes for a long day with a crew of eight. Great weather, small crowd, great racing, and good food from the station. Don & Ken had projects for most of the day on the boat, and they got them all done. We now have another hailer, spare radio on the bridge, and a powered speaker for the main radio. Great done, well done guys.

6/26/11 Last day of the river roar and the boats are humming. You could tell that the drivers were letting it all hang out, and there were allot of blow over's as result. I was able to between races to clean up the boat and throw away more stuff hidden in the compartments that didn't need to be there, and the crew of six was happy to end the day. Stopped at the station on the way home and filled up.

6/28/11 Moving the 201172 to the station from downtown Saginaw. 2hrs and 15 minutes later we are there.

6/29/11 Fireworks patrol on the Saginaw river. Not very many boats, seem to be waiting for the last night. 1700 to 2300.

6/30/11 Fireworks patrol on the Saginaw river. Not very many boats, seem to be waiting for the last night. On the way home near Wheelers landing marina got a call from the sheriff department of a vessel in the river with no operating lights, having trouble. We escorted the vessel out of harms way and brought them up the river to there dock at Bay Harbor marine. 1700 to 2400.

7/1/11 Fireworks patrol on the Saginaw river. Hundreds of boats lots of traffic. 1600 to 0130 long night, safe night.

7/23/11 Safety patrol on Saginaw Bay. Fishing tournament on the bay between Linwood and Au Gres. Hundreds of boats on the water, so we went between Au Gres and Linwood waiting for trouble. None happened, and we had a nice lunch in Au Gres. On the way home a small problem developed at the 22 buoy on the bay. The cooling belts on the port engine broke either due to old age, froze up pulley, or just our luck. Either way alarms went off, engine room filled with smoke and safety procedures went into motion with the 24 boat from Station Saginaw racing out to us. They got the message of smoke, water in the bilge, bad things happing. We were able to shut down systems, close off compartments and make it back to the marina under our own power. It was great training for emergency procedures but it brought up the need for everyone to know what to do, if in fact something happened to me, or Dan.

7/24/11 Safety patrol Saginaw River. Not many boats on the river until after church got out. Nice day, hot, lots of sun.

8/24/11 Safety patrol Saginaw River. Not many boats on the river until after church got out. Nice day, hot, lots of sun.

9/10/11 Safety patrol Saginaw River. Met up with 201172 on the river and helped escort Saginaw Rowing Club members to the Bay City Rowing Club. Then we practiced towing drills, man overboard, side tows, and cooked lunch on the grill.

9/18/11 Safety Patrol Saginaw Bay. GPS training, P5 pump practice, man over board drills. Warm day great time.

10/8/11 Safety Patrol Saginaw Bay, GPS training with Jeff's boat 232036. Great boat, and still working out the bugs. Set up tow and ran side tow drills and glad we did. Came upon a distressed vessel with engine problems headed for the rocks with child on board. Crew members went to work and set the tow in under 2 minutes and pulled the boat out of harms way. Fifteen minutes later into a side tow and proceeded to Bay Harbor fuel dock with or stricken vessel. Fifty minutes of SAR experience turns into Hours of pride and accomplishment. Both boats worked the SAR well, with one keeping other vessels in the traffic lane away, and the other making sure that no other problems.

10/15/11 Safety Patrol on Saginaw Bay, Wind west 30-40 mph, waves 2-4 foot with 6 footers thrown in. We had allot of water go over the bow, and clean over the top. Fought the waves for over 1 -1/2 hours to get a feel and to experience the force of mother nature and her fury of the sea. Joined the other boat for lunch at the dock and the SAR call went out for 5 people in the water near the kawkawlin river with 3 of them being children. The 41 from the station raced to the scene doing 20+ knots, we were under 10 knots to back them up. We didn't make it to consumers power before we were called to RTB. Made for a fun day, and a great way to end the season. All people in the water were able to be rescued before any of us could get to them by Kawkawlin fire department. And they were only in 3-4 foot of water.

10/17/11 Ryan helped me get her ready and move her to the well so she could be stored for the winter. Cold weather snow and no more boats going to have a fun weekend are on the water. The lots are filling up with stored boats, so its time to put her away.

10/18/11 She is on the ground for the winter. Inspecting bottom, props, paint. Looks like many projects for next spring. The props are being sent in for repair, getting cost for Cutlass Bering replacement, it's time for some more TLC.

11/2/11 She is covered and put to sleep for the winter. Just one more visit until snow arrives, then wait until spring.

4/26/12 She is in the water for the 2012 season.

5/2/12 Painting, cleaning, power washing.

6/2/12 Underway on Jeff's new small boat 23169, first SAR of the year, 18' boat 4 POB's and no life jackets on. 4-5 foot seas, and 17knot winds with gusts to 31 knots.

6/23/12 Underway Bay City river roar 2012, with crew from Lansing flotilla. Great day with training, sun and lots of smiles. The new 26 foot training vessel is proving to be a great asset already. Small, quick, and plenty of room and pulling power.

6/24/12 Underway Saginaw Bay with just 30 minutes in shift and a SAR on the bay, disabled vessel, we searched with 086 to almost Sebewaing with no results. Over 3 hrs and no joy, back to the river and waiting for the fire works to get over, and once they did the masses descended on us like files on fresh road kill. One vessel broke down and needed a tow to the ramp, that took 30 minutes, then about 5 minutes after that we responded to a vessel on fire with 9 people on board. It was an electrical fire, and all persons were evacuated to either our vessel or another Aux vessel and we put the stranded vessel in a side tow and docked it at the Bay City Yacht Club.

7/25/12 USCG Station Saginaw TV interview for the upcoming ship arrival.

7/27/12 Underway for Tawas training for the weekend. Crew is greeted with rain, wind and mother nature reminding us that she is in charge. Navigation, man overboard drills, and feeding the hungry crew were the main problems that the crew faced. Arrived in Tawas and were greeted by the 47 boat practicing anchor drills in the rain. Happy to see them but tired after our 6hr ride, we dock for the day and went to the station for birthing assignments for the evening.

7/28/12 Started early this morning, and met at the station to brief the vessels that were involved in the days plan. Had three small boats and the 47 from the station working on towing drills, crewmember quals, coxswain quals, and search patterns. Broke for lunch and debriefed and made assignments for the afternoon. More search patterns, and towing, plus man overboard drills.

7/29/12 Underway 0900 for Station Saginaw Bay. Sunny day, no wind, and the Detroit Grill was in service, hot sloppy Joes, chips and smiles all around. Navigation, engineering duties were the norm for the day. Stopped at the station and refueled her from her three day trip and she only took 68 gallons.

6/27-29/2013 River Roar Underway 10+ hr day and real hot 93*. 14 people turned out for training while underway, and real experience in a large operation. Good food, good people, great day.

7/3-5/2013 Bay City Fireworks detail. 17 people turned out and a fun time was had by all.













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