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My Photo Gallery of MLB-44-334

I will post pictures as they become available. From start to finish. Keep watching!

R.T. Cook 3/2008 MLB 44334

This is how I found her in March 2008. Just sitting in a cold and lonely field waiting for orders. Notice the wind off Lake Eire blowing the lines from the boat.

Front View MLB 44334

Real Cold...32* wind chill -2

Stern View MLB 44334

Nice straight lettering....

Helm MLB 44334

Cold dark waiting for summer....calling out help me.

Vomit Closet....MLB-44334

Nick Name the Vomit Closet. People saved from ships put in a closed room handed a bucket, real cold, wet, rough seas.....yuck!

Mast resting until it's next adventure.

One again she will be flying proud colors....

The Ohio Naval Militia 2005

Working at Camp Perry in 2005

This is how it's going to look in about 2 months from now.

Ken Bennett supplied me with a picture of the 44359 and I might have photo shopped the picture a little....notice the number might have changed to 44334.

Name Plate of the RT Cook.

Total Fuel measuring chart

Normal Temps for the engines

She made it in the water on 4/10/2008. And she looks great and the Detroit Diesel's run great too!

While I worked on the vessel a MayDay came in and the Coast Guard responds with a chopper...

I moved her to the City Docks in Port Clinton Ohio. She is almost ready to leave. It was raining, snowing, wind out of the northwest at 35mph.

This picture is for my daughter Sara. She loves Pirate Flags

This is the flags that she will fly most of the time.

Front Cover of the Decommissioning Ceremony Program


Decommissioning Crew

History Of the Name

Start Of the Ceremony All Aboard, at their Posts

Commandant Ozvat Starting the Ceremony

Myself giving a short speech.

Ruth Cook widow of Robert Thomas Cook receiving the ships flag.

Fredia Herman, Flotilla Commander 09W-20-08. Note the plastic tarp duct taped to the helm area of MLB 44334. Just in case it rains, gets cold....

Norm Herman with his usual smile...

Saying Goodbye to Lake Erie..For over 40 years of service

My Brother Johnny Driving Lake Erie...Sunny 70 degrees Calm Lake

Norm and Fredia Herman having lunch and happy to be finally be on the trip after weeks of planning...

Johnny enjoying lunch....enjoy it the real nice weather is on it's way... 18 degrees and snow.....

Mast Flags....Proud Flags!

Honda Generator...would prove to be a life a few days snow, frezzing rain, but the genset kept the heaters working, and the crew warm.

End Of Lake Erie..... Detroit River light....what a wonderful sight. 44334 is gone....

River Traffic... Cuyahoga

The Detroit version of the Boy Scouts on the water...Sea Scouts. They Saluted us on the turn. We maned the rails and saluted them in turn... Gray Fox

The Pere Marquette Number 41. This use to be the Pere Marquette Car Ferry from the Port of Ludington MI. She has a drop off or pickup somewhere...

44' & 41' waiting for duty! Station Belle Isle was sure nice to us....

44' & 25' at Station Belle Isle. Late in the afternoon.

Station Belle Isle. 25 foot, 44 foot, 41 foot...

Downtown Detroit

Black River Marina in Port Huron. Station Port Huron was being dredged....I ran up the pirate flag for my daughter Sara....Arrrrrrrr

Lake Huron 06:00hrs flat calm.... wonderful day forcast.

Weather was so good and we had enough fuel we decided to go for St Igance. We are passing station Harbor Beach to our left..

Harrisville Marina..7-9 foot out of the northeast while we are making the jump 35 miles off shore no land in sight. Oh and add freezing rain and snow.

The 47 and 25 at St Ignace...what a group!

St Ignace and Chief Mallory at 6am...He ran this boat for 10 years at Station Marblehead in Ohio...He was really excided to see his old boat again...

Biscayne Bay in St Ignace.Me coming in here at night with all of the crew watching me dock, and then told just swing it around and back it in....ahhh

Passing under the Mackinaw Bridge at 08:00 hrs from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan...On the down hill slide now..

Well Lake Michigan forcast of 1-2 foot with wind from the east...south west at 25mph 5-9 foot

Stern view notice the large swells going by and the angle of the bow going for the clouds in the sky...She just said Ok...wee this is fun.

Ok now it's getting worse and the waves are coming over the bow...She loves it and is right at home...we were all wishing that we were also, at home.

Not very happy faces in 10 foot seas...Lets head for North Port and wait for the wind to change...

Safe and calm NorthPort Harbor....lets get some dinner and wait for the wind shift.

06:30hrs 5/1/2008 Manistee Harbor...64.5 hrs run time, 500 miles and a tired crew of John Church, William Church, Norm and Fredia Herman. Great Job!

First day in Manistee Mi tied to the wall in front of the station.

Notice the plastic, she saved our life from the cold and the wind and waves. She looks right at home.

Here is the crew from left to right. Fredia Herman, Norm Herman, John Church, William Church. Great job, great trip. We are all very tired.

Here is Eddie Warlitner giving me a hand shake on the job well done.

Kelsey found the flag kit my brother donated...she is having fun...

Station Manistee 47' MLB Open House weekend. A fun time for all.

Basket Operations with the 47 and the Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City.

Basket on Board

HH-65 Dolphin is a twin-engined helicopter from Air Station Traverse City. Giving a show in the river...Swimmer in the door.

Up close in the Door! Ready to jump!

Swimmer Away!

Rescue Swimmer in the water and OK!

Recovering Rescue swimmer...

They got so close I got water on the camera lens....

Some of the work done this weekend. Power Pannel Rats Nest, all redone, and the 12volt also redone. It's now a nice clean area.

I mounted the air horn works in the Head...

The new Chart Table.Works Great!, and makes a great table for making lunch underway.

The Floors Repainted and the Cabin Clean. The ensolite is next!.

Charles "Eddie" Warlitner saying goodbye to 22 years of service in the Coast Guard. He made most get the vapors....

Eddie and his wife get a bag full of Pennies from the Kids at the station as a farewell gift to help with the fuel cost for the trip home.

Finally over and all smiles...Good Luck and a Job Well Done...

The look in Eddie's eyes says it all, "my god I'm done." Chief Mallory is retirement is at the end of the month. One Gone, one next month....

The Boat is on land in Manistee awaiting orders....

After grinding for most of the day, again I need a sandblaster!

Removed the rub rails...more rust and nasty tore up 40+ years rails....

New rub rails, and we found all of the stripe lines for the old paint job. Measured and made a blueprint.

We even found the red and blue stripe measurements....

Norm Herman chasing all of the the treads for the studs to hold on the new rubber bumpers.

Len and Norm drilling the new bumpers, and getting a pattern...

Sunday morning awaiting the monday sandblaster....From the blue stripe down...bare metal.

The Lady is sporting some new primer paint....06/07/2008

Also we welded 6 new studs to hold the rub rails in palce to replace the ones that broke off.

Port Side...a few history lessons on the bow.....

Port side stern....not to bad looking after 40+ years

Starbord side stern...

Starboard side...85-90 hot muggy day. Burned my eye lids from painting in the sun all day.

We ran out of white time it's 5 coats non-stop...special epoxy 2 part paint...

Epoxy Bottom Paint mid afternoon...waiting 4 hrs between coats.

First coat of primer on the Vomit Closet while waiting between coats of bottom paint.

Len sanding the bow getting ready for primer. Great Job Len....

On goes the black anti fowl paint..Greg is doing a gereat job. Someone has to take the pictures....

First coat of black bottom paint done. One more coat more and this bottom is done.

End of the first big day of painting. Looking like a lady again. We are really sore and tired. 6:30am to 9pm...not bad for the first day.

End of day two of the big paint. The bottom is done with 6 coats of epoxy paint and over 70 hrs of labor buy 10 people.

Boy do those numbers look great on the stern...Thanks Brace Industries for helping us and the US Coast Guard! Good Job!

3pm Saturday we have run out of paint. Over $2000.00 dollars in paint and 3 gals short. The rub rails are starting to go back on...getting close.

6/27 Len and Roger putting on the last piece of rubber rub railing. Job well done boys!

6/28 She is finally Done! Small stuff to finish up but the major painting is done!

Stern view of the compleated vessel. 28 days from start to finish.....Ahhhhhhhh

When you see this coming to greet you, it screems, "Help is here, and we will save you!"

The helm area is all hospital white. Just looks like I need something to save....

Can't wait for monday morning...launch date, 30 days from hitting the ground. Close to 500+ hr's of labor, thousands of dollars of effort, ready....

Hard to believe from 5/28 this is where we started.

To the finished product 6/28...she is Beautiful!

Moving day. Finally it's going in the water. Many people expressed doubt that we would be finished before July 4th weekend...

Getting her loaded.

We are under way..She can smell the water. Movers comented that if she falls off the trailer it will right itself and jump back on in 30 seconds...

It's finally come to leaving the lot. We are really glad to see her go...she needs water...

Making the turn into the Marina

Getting loaded on the Boat Hoist. Final adjustments and in she goes.....

This is John. And you will never guess the reason he is holding his head....He was moving forward with the straps and smacked his head on the lift..

Going in the water.....notice John controling the bleeding. He needed stiches....

In she goes...What a relief..she even started right up and strutted her stuff to the marina. The station personal came out and gave her a thumbs up...

Finally at her slip....Smiles all around. Other boat owners came over and expressed a job well done, and a party was held that evening...she loved it.

Ken Williams Driving the 44' on the way to Luningtons Fireworks. Calm day sunny 75....

The other part of the crew, Norm & Fredia Herman enjoying the wonderful weather and the trip down to Station Ludington

The Badger Coming out of Ludington Harbor on the 4th of July.

As the Badger goes by the Captain looked like he was going to fall out of the window looking at us. I'm sure he thought he was seeing a Ghost!

4th of July Fireworks, Ludington Michigan. What a great night. Over 100 boats watched the sight.

More from the 4th. No problems helped look for an overdue vessel on the way home. Docked at 2:17am...

A little tired the next day...

New Tachs installed and replaced all of the warning lights...New glass on the cover..

All working and new tach's working great!

This is were Jack who hates when I leave him home sits. He keeps and eye on me and greets everyone that stops by to chat....

Say can you find my daughter in this picture. She was helping, then she was gone. Notice the flip-flops on the floor...

Just made the turn to Grand Haven 2/26/08. In town for the Coast Guard Festival...

Grand Haven Coast Guard Station from the river..Large Boat Basin...

We are docked and the station is in a cleaning mode getting ready for Higher Up's to show up for the Festival....

359 & 334 tied up and awaiting orders....

This is a rare picture...One that will never be seen again. Two 44' and Two 47' vessels awaiting orders...Wonderful Day!

Knot Handi Work in Grand Haven

Leaving Grand Haven...44359 and 44334 headed out for patrol. Nice picture by Don Geske...

44334 moving toward Lake Michigan. Saying good bye to Grand Haven. Thanks Don...

Wonderful Picture Don of the 44334 headed toward the Lake. Don was on another AUX vessel taking these pictures.

Another view of the 44334...she sure does look great...she ran perfect, handled the weather like a pro, and brought us home...

359 making her way down the river to the cutters....

44359 underway with the Grand Haven Coast line in the distance...Going out to meet the Cutters and escort them into the river...

Joe's Aux Vessel, Grand Haven going out to meet the Cutters...

Another Aux Vessel cutting between the 44's....showoff...

Here is an Action Shot of 44359 crossing the wake of 44334....he looks mean, and nasty...

Cutter Biscayne Bay from St. Ignace starting her run for the river....

Cutter Mackinaw starting her run for the river for the Parade and Festival of Ships...

Started our trip home and we were stopped by Station Muskegon 30' MLB...wondered if we were under arrest...Nahhhh, they just needed to tow a vessel..

Station Muskegon 304445 throwing the heaving line...They needed to meet there end of the month quals...and to just have fun towing a bigger vessel...

So were hooked up and...Say do you guy's want to tow us home..we are really tired and need to take a nap.. They towed us for a while and waved goodby.

On the way home, and on the way there the weather man lied. Calm winds, flat seas were no where to be found. Mostly 2-4's and straight on the nose....

Len Mitchell driving us home...between the three of us in three days we traveled 182nm and 22.7 hours of run time. What and adventure...

While we were helping Station Ludington on the way home near the Clay Banks looking for a jet ski, a 1938 DC3 kept flying was beautiful.

This is the Main Battery Mess. Going to fix it very soon. Easy fix, and then two systems, two battery banks....A bigger safety margin...

Standing by to recieve tow line from MLB 47284. Nice sunny day with seas building....

Take the shot! Tow line on it's way....

Sir hold the orange ball...barking question on what to do...a reason for everything.

Hooking up the tow line..this could be really fun in a very heavy sea..

Paying out the tow line...notice the swells starting to get to the 47

Towing us home to the harbor....the checkride being given was going great until the harbor....

Say Dad look at all of these boats on the water...This guy here has a great spot...sure is a long way to carry fish

This guy was looking at the north light house at night...headed straight for it. Station got the call a little after 2300 hrs...

The boats stern drive is really broken, but the hull looks intact, and no one was hurt....except there pride and wallet..

We recovered a 38' vessel and put it in a side tow. We towed him to the gas dock. We did alot right, and alot wrong in this tow. A learning experince.

The towed vessel parked at the gas dock..He contuined on to Grand Haven...

Finally looking down the channel were the 44 sleeps, it always welcomes us home...Get her cleaned up, ship shape and ready for the next adventure...

Sara & Kelsey getting ready for a boat ride. Going up to Portage Lake to the Portage Lake Inn for Dinner. 8/30/08

Kelsey helping Sara with her life jacket.

We are ready dad start the engines....

Ken getting the helm ready...

Pat & Penny getting ready to go..Happy people ready for and adventure!

Casting off the dock lines.

We are underway leaving HarborVillage...

The boys have the helm.

The girls are playing and just having fun on the boat.

Pat & Sara on the bow. Sunny, calm, 30 minutes to dinner.

Kelsey & Penny on the bow, enjoying the ride.

Kelsey driving the boat.

A flock of girls on the bow.

Tied up at the dock at Portage Lake Inn. She looks great, and the weather is perfect.

Me & my family on the dock, all smiles...

Portage Lake Inn.

After dinner lets just sit on the porch.

Ken & Pat & Penny & Kelsey.

The sun is setting and it's time for us to go home. The slow walk to the boat.

She always brings out people to ask questions and to talk about the girl.

We are on the way home with my daughter Sara at the helm.

Kelsey on the bow. Do you think she is having fun?

Penny at the helm, and the sun has gone down. Flat calm ride home, 72* and our tummies full.

New Coat of deck Paint....

Deck Paint....needs touch up here and there...

Starting running short.

Last Weekend, she is waiting for work...

Last weekend of the year...she is looking great.

Stern work area, all painted up and ready to go. Where is the dance?

Coming Out Manistee MI. Solberg Marine.

We have some paint flaking off. Why did it come off? The stern and the Bow were all painted at the same day, same can of paint....

Prop wash paint missing...

Spot on the keel...weird...I hope the paint manufacture can figure it out.

Moving toward the winter resting place for 44334.

No major problems. A little paint flaking off.

Finallly on the ground. Her she set's...awaiting until next year.

I'm on the end of the pier. They didn't want to move it very far. Don't blame them either. They are going to shrink wrap the helm area.

Waiting for spring.

10/4/2008 winterized waiting for spring.

The Slammer in Boyne City waiting to be hauled out and put to bed. 78* degree day nothing but sun.

Might as well go for a ride. Paul Irvine watching out the rear.

Paul wanted to drive also...

The cockpit is covered for the winter. 11/24/08

She is ready and waiting for spring.

Well it's moving day, she is ready to splash.

Here comes the lift. Warm, sunny, great day to launch a boat.

She's flying now, no turning back....

She is almost there.....and then the lift stops....ran out of gas. As my daughter says " oopsey sorry"

We made it down the river to our slip. She looks great, and she is ready to run.

Just another day in Pardice...

Little closer...alot of cleaning, tweeking, the little stuff... The inside list has started to grow.

Before I started to polish the brass on the's dull.

Now she is starting to shine! The mufflers are next. You can see your face in the cooling pipes.

Johnny driving us headed to Charleviox MI 07:00

Last look at the hills surrounding Manistee

Blue Skys, Calm Seas. Just another great day on Lake Michigan.

Passing Frankfort at 10:00

North Manitiou Shole Light.

Have Charleviox in sight. Cement Plant dead ahead. Still calm winds, and hot-hot-hot. It got to 85* today. The engine room was 111*

07:00 left Charleviox headed to Presque Isle. Sunny again and the wind out of the south at about 10 knots.

Finally getting to Grays Reef. Wind picking up, but still at our backs. 80* and hot.

Small Boat going the wrong way and paying for it. It's getting a little bumpy.

Making the turn at the #1 green can and the Mackinaw Brdge is coming into view.

Only the second time in her life that she has gone under the Big Mac Bridge. Calm Seas, and *85

Mackinaw City ferry boats working hard.

It's sunny, the seas are calm, it's hot and I'm tired. Have a good nap Johnny. Most of the time we ran 1 hr on 1 off.

We had a vistor who was also tired. He tried to land for 2 min. He finally gave up.

Alpena Thunder Bay Light House

Johnny driving, note in the back gound the rough seas, the blacking sky the lighting, rain....ok sunny *80 flat seas again on our way to Tawas.

Leaving Tawas 06:00 and the sun is coming up

Gravelly Shole Lighthouse

Here we are. Bay City Michigan, Consumers Power Plant. Just a small turn and the Coast Guard Station comes into view. 45 hours 320 nm 166 gals used.

Well here she is happy at her new home. She has a crew on her working in the bildge, cleaning the storage lockers. You can feel her, she is happy...

Stacked in the Station. USCG, Sheriff, DNR, AUX. There all ready for the call.

Bay City Michigan. More equipment loaded, chipping & touching up of paint, washing windows. Work Bee Saturday. Training Sunday.

Well here she is at Bay Harbor for the rest of the year. The folks at Bay Harbor are really nice and want us here.

Nice parking, pool, store, great bathrooms, heck I think I'll just stay here and sell my house....

Eager group underway. Training begins. Sunday afternoon and a nice drive out on the bay. We gave them a taste of what to expect. She loved the ride...

Posted lookouts, steady as she goes captain.

She loves the attention, the water, and is happy with all of the personal onboard. Come share the experince with us.

The boys at the helm. 80* sunny and flat calm.

William fooling with the safety strap.

Looking over the bay on a great day

Man over-board drills....

Well here she sits...stacked with the other vessels, awaiting spring and another year of use.

Her nose point toward the sky like my dog trying to get a wiff of trouble on the Bay.....

Had to paint the stripe and put the Michigan Registration Numbers on....

She is ready for the move.

She is ready to move, moving day 4-26-2010

Moving Day

She is on her way...

Getting closer, she can smell the water.

Slings are in place.

Shes hanging, and the moving trailer is getting ready to leave.

Nothing but air....

Backing her into the boat lift well.

Tied to the dock, warm day but windy.

She is looking good...

New Pump Can! It belongs to this boat. And fancy new lettering.

Finally made the leathers to hold the boat hooks. After a summer I'm sure they will look as if they were there all the time.

Built a new boat hook for the other side. 8' ash pole and brass hook, all stained up for the party, hanging on new leathers.

Murphy is ready to help me.

Gus & Jack on the bow. Jack is fine with hanging out. Gus hates the boat. Dragged him down the dock and on the boat, and dragged him off the boat.

Kind of all alone at the F dock.

Portside view

All of the small things are starting to get done.

Detail is the key. Do it ten times if you have to but get it right. Painting and clean are coming.

New sign on the dock box. Have a look and join our crew!

Fresh paint on the upper deck and windshield frame.

Fresh paint on the turtle back. Getting all of the spring jobs done.

The new chart table all trimed out.

Functional and very nice looking. We have plexiglass over the chart and use erasable markers for our chart work.

Marilyn Penne holding school while underway. The crew listens and likes another view. First day of the Dow River Roar.

Real underway training! Marilyn has them in the palm of her hand!

John Penne is on the helm with AB Macaulay behind him, and Mike Heger telling stories about the 44' and his days in the Coast Guard.

William Rosenberg with the pop and Ryan Petersen getting instruction.

Dan Guiett coming down the step to the well deck and training room.

Time trials, waiting for the others to finish there testing. The DNR boat was there also on our end at Vets Bridge.

Race Boat waiting next to use for the other drivers to finish testing so that the heat race could begin.

Even after all of the training and help she gave, she still wanted to take her turn at the helm. Great job Marilyn!

We tied up at the gas dock and the CG brought us lunch. Bathroom break, lunch, boating.....

There were many lies and stories told on this dock today. But the lunch was good and the people were great! Sure was hot.....90's

Bill Rosenberg watching the action.

Second Day of the Dow River Roar, and Don Gaby at the helm with Randy Disbrow as lookout. Don is a real happy at the wheel, with a ton of experince.

AB Macaulay, and Charles Feldman facing trade stories and keep lookout for boat traffic.

Agnes Feldman with a big smile and ready for most adventures.

Randy Disbrow at the helm.

Mike Heger drove 44's in 1965 for Station Tawas. He road with us for both days and had tons of stories. Great Job Mike! AB Macaulay just to the right.

The freighter decided to stop the race for a bit while coming down river. It was raining anway.

Here we are getting ready for the Bay City Fireworks aboard Dan's Vessel. Get the job done, and have fun. Walt Kline has his arms crossed.

They put us down at Friendship park to control the boat traffic.

The 25 RIB doing boardings

The Sea Scout Ship The Gray Fox is here for the Fireworks. Great program and great ship.

The Kids were drilling on land marching back and fourth, just waiting for the Fireworks. Giving tours of the ship, and painting, cleaning.

By the time dark oh thirty arrived there were about 10 bizzlion boats cramed into this area. And for some strage reason there was drinking involved.

Keep them south of the pier and out of the channel. A good group this year and not to many problems.

Once the Fireworks started they shot at each other from oneside of the river to the other. West to East.

Then East to West, and there was a barge in the river to shot both ways just in case they missed filling up the sky someplace.

Getting toward the end, everybody starts shooting.

What a show, over 25,000 fireworks shot off.

Dan was taking all of the pictures, about wore out his take this picture button on these fire works. He took over 400 pictures, I only used a few.

We are at the end, great job men, and thanks again Dan for the pictures. And we had to wait about and extra 45 min because the bardge was on fire.

Escorting Some of the Tall Ships coming down the river to Vets Park.

Moving right along under power headed for the slip.

The Mayfair is headed for port. We lowered the mast to get under the bridge, and not have to wait for it to open.

Working the security zone protecting the ships while in port. Hot weather 90*+ lots of people, lots of boats.

So many people taking the onboard ship tours, and shooting water balloons at us, and yes they hit us a few times.

A 1935 vessel looking sharp! And a tall ship going out for a cruise.

Mike Heger at the wheel and Jim Ketchum with the port side watch.

Charles & Agnes Feldman working together having fun. As you can tell I just made them smile....

On standby with the 1 1/2 inch fire hose in the ready. Small boat in the middle, made it to the dock smoking. The 25 RIB and Bob Cloby are the others.

Training ships from Canada, troubled kids get a second chance working together and keeping busy.

The smaller ships 75' or less on the west side near Vets Park.

William Kumpula at the wheel, with Dennis Duford on the starboard watch. Great Job Men!

1960's picture of the Saginaw River 44' brand new. Kids real proud at the old station. Ready for anything.

Over looking the Tall Ships Event from the Vets Bridge. Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

Early morning and they are already in line waiting... Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

The two boats morred side by side are the appledore V & IV. They gave allot of boat rides and tours in 4 days of the event. Thanks LCDR James Marquez

The 44' on patrol, after 45 years still standing guard! Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

Thousands of people, long lines, all safe. Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

Making her turn, looking great and ready at a moments notice. Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

Finishing the turn, and headed back the other way. Looking great and having fun aboard. Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

44334 is a very proud lady, and lots of waves from people on the ships knowing and feeling safe. Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

Some might think that we didn't do much, but on the boat we are always ready! Thanks LCDR James Marquez for the picture.

Here we all are waiting and wondering what is going to happen. Students nervious, QE's ready to pounce.

Tension is high, and it's getting hot out's 0930 due you know where your soon to be crew members are?

Notice how some members take being nervious, and wondering about the unknown. Lets see vest unzipped check, hands in my pockets check, laughing check.

Bill Rosenberg is the first victim, boy does he look nervous. Jim Ketchum the QE is removing his watch and wondering where the rubber gloves are....

Mr Rosenburg has the helm on the way out of Bay City. Chasing the wheel is the norm, until your arms get tired, or you figure it out.

Dan has the foward watch, and is working on his second cup of coffee.

The Joseph Thompson Tug/Bardge combo passing us inbound with a load.

Gravelly Shoal coming into view, some have said it looks like a Rocket Ship ready to launch. It really does mark a nasty shoal.

Arriving in Tawas. Thanks to Mike for all of his help and the pictures that he took.

Dan's taking pictures of Mike taking pictures of us just before we make the dock. And the sun has arrived.

Towing drills begin with the 47' from the station. They are lining us up.

She looks great and very ready. The crew is getting ready, and the coxswain is giving orders.

Second in command is getting the boys ready. Step one, step two, etc..

They are making the circle around us and it's raining.

Getting ready to throw the line. 47240 has a shot. The crew on the 47 was great and very helpful.

Crewmember Ken Williams, and John Penne pulling the tow rope across to our bow.

Tow line is set, and the line is about to receive a strain.

Got her hooked up now what, well lets get off the front and watch what happens next.

I learn something new everytime we go out. Why hook a short line to the tow line. If they wreck the short line, don't have to replace the tow line.

Station Tawas loaned us seaman Maxwell Wienke for the day. He was real happy to be driving a 44'. He also told us he was getting hazard pay.

Now does this look like someone who is unhappy. Good job Max!

Ken Williams has the port side lookout.

Dan Guiett has the starboard side lookout. Max is trying to figure out the stuff on the dash.

Ryan Peterson is one happy crewmember on the boat.

These guys have been on the boat way to long this summer. Two old salts having way to much fun.

John Penne is bending Seaman Wienke ear. Max is wondering where the go fast button is.

Mike Heger is telling another one of his tales to Mr Rosenberg and Ryan is trying not to listen.

5 miles off shore on Lake Huron waiting for the call. Glad no one needed help but we where there ready to assist if needed.

Sunday moring heading home. Ryan and Dan setting way point with there hand held GPS.

Starting to get ruff. Following sea and a nice ride all the way home.

Ryan looks a little tired, but still has the smile..

Coming down the slot 1hr away and the sun finally comes out. Great Job Boys!

Aunt Pat and Sara working on the canvas for the 44.

Sara looking happy, ready to help. She's loves to climb, and up on the roof she went!

Almost done, going to add the windows soon. Winter is coming and the cold weather will be stopped!

Look great! Good job aunt Pat and Sara

Every year the Saginaw Bay Rowing club has an event from Saginaw to Bay City Rowing club.

Great looking day, maybe rain in the afternoon. Around eleven rowing shells were at this years event.

Some took it as a race, others as a skill building event and most as a great time to have fun.

It's wonderful to see these boats in action, and for the life of me how they stay alfloat. Nine people in this boat, inchs of free board.

And there off! some of the folks raced, others were out for a strool, and a boat ride. 54 minutes to go 14 miles to Bay City.

Ryan trying to tell stories to Dan, and he's not buying it. No I'm not going to Mongo, Mongo with you.

Crewmember Ryan is so happy on the usual the boat ran great, but the rain came down in buckets on the way home.

Meeting the 25' Rib from the Station. They wanted cookies, and a tour.

We ran into this cute vessel on the river, they looked cold....

It looks like Walt & William are cold, with the Zilwaukee Bridge in the back ground.

Fishermen, duck huters, they were all in a hurry on the river.

Ryan & Dan didn't know the password to get into the warm helm area. It's warm in here, should have listened to the briefing before we left the dock.

Ken Williams at the helm had the code. He listens.....

Tying up at the Saginaw River CG station, to get fuel....

say just how many guys does it take to tie a line? And William what are you doing in there boat?

Again thanks Pat for the canvas work! There were some happy campers this weekend, and many more to come. It got really warm when the sun came out.

Coast Guard Recognition Service

Sunday Oct. 3rd 2010

Wonderful Service for all of the Coast Guard Members and families. The Zion Lutheran Church recognized all patrol personal on the river, and bay.

The Old Saginaw River Coast Guard Station. Still standing, waiting for all to come home.

Ryan Peterson on the helm, always on the lookout for traffic being pointed out by lookouts.

Channel marker bouy, starting the entrance to the bay.

The 41' coming out passing us by.

She looks proud and she is ready.

It was a nice warm day on 10/10/10. One of the nice boats going by. Wonder what the name on the back means?

Saginaw River Station as seen thru the weeds, watching over the bay.

Mr. Rosenberg wondering were all of the summer went. Standing watch gave one time to think about the great summer and all of the experiences.

Last time to hook up the power cord for the year boy's.

Well the sun is coming up and it's cold. She is ready to go to sleep for the year.

It's the last time leaving the slip for this year. it's 08:15hrs and the sun is finally up, but it's still cold.

We are headed to the lift, guys are waiting. Great Marina. Great Year.

The lift has me, maybe I can make a run for it?

Ok now here she comes, looking proud wanting to go back in the water.

Almost to the top, dripping water and straining the lift.

Well we are moving and she is headed to the bottom wash.

Her feet are dry and she is making the turn. She will be washed then transfered to a moblie boat lift and set on the ground for the year.

Getting her bottom washed. Makes it easy to spot problems, and if needed repair.

Good night friend, have a great rest and see you in the spring.

Here she is on the ground ready for winter. Trickle charger on the batteries, and a small heater in the engine room.

Looks as though she could fall over at any moment, but she won't. We are waiting for spring and a new adventure.

Mike & Bill helped out in the covering and putting the girl to sleep for the winter. 2.5 hrs and 8 gals of antifreeze later, all smiles.

Want to thank Ryan for the surprize that he left me to take care of, sort of an end of the year award.

Picture of me gagging, thanks again Ryan. Thanks to Mike Heger for the photo's.

Cold and Snow is all that I can say. 3/5/2011. I'm going to have to snow plow, and break ice just to get to the slip.

She is getting ready to move. Cold wet, raining, windy, a normal Michigan day.

She is moving!

Headed toward the water, raining harder....

Getting ready to step on board.

We are away and the sky has really let go.Maybe it's a welcome to her return, or maybe it's just raining harder.

Making the trun into the slip.

Almost there..Getting real dark, and it's cold.....May 24 2011

The whole gang on the party bardge heading out for the rowing club.

William & Ryan are the stranded boaters in there massive vessel. Making each person train and learn each others spot will pay off.

Ryan standing watch while we are underway.

William standing watch on another wonderful day on the bay.

Dan talking Kens ear off while underway.

Here is the first disabled vessel of the day. The station will have 4 SAR's before the day is over.

Dan's writing the paper work for the tow. Make sure you fill in all of the blanks on the form Dan.

Getting ready to bring her into a side tow.

New Boat driver, Jeff from Tawas. Smiles all over his body.

Mr. Rosenburg ready to spring into action. Notice the cookies that Mikey's girlfriend made on the pump can...They were great.

Dan giving tips to Jeff on the boat. And Ryan is taking a break....

All of the boat and crews getting ready to attack the lake. The QE's are getting ready to start the exams.

You could ask for a nicer day, and a nicer flotilla to get check rides from. 16-03 you are the best!

Jim, and Bob are all smiles. The knowledge that these QEs have and share with the crewmembers and coxswains.

The clear skies, clear water reminds me of the Caribbean. Williams boat says it all. This is Living!

The marina that we are working from belongs to Gerrish Twp and they have a first class operation. The flotilla has a room provided by the township.

The meeting room for the flotilla.

16-03 a wonder place to meet, and a first class flotilla!

It would be hard to hold meetings here and keep peoples attention, just look out the window and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

They even have a porch to walk out on and have plenty of room for dancing, or an out door meeting.

But really, a grill on the deck, and wonder food provided by the flotilla. Did I mention that 16-03 are the best! Thanks Again, job well done.

Ken Williams, Don Gaby are new crewmembers and are now along for the ride. Not use to the clear water, some what of a shock to them.

Jeff seems to have this grin on his face.....Ernie seems way to up tight. Ernie lossened up when his turn in the QE boat came after lunch.

If you ever need a place to vist with your boat, Gerrish Township Marina is the place to stop. Gas, slips, bathrooms, snacks, they have it all!

Your stop in Higgins Lake. Gerrish Twp Marina 103 Mill Rd, Roscommon, MI (989)-821-1616

Ryans driving, and Chel is about to fall asleep, or wondering if she can lay out in the sun on the deck, hmmm what should I do?

Mikey is still alive after a wonderful winter in Florida. Looking good Mike!

Smile Jeff, your wife seems to be the only one doing it. It was slow this year.

The sun and the brezze made for a nice two days on the river.

Boats all day, and the sticks, logs and other stuff floating down the river made the PWC rider work his tail off.

Dows entry this year. He ran really well all day.

Thanks again Dow for a wonderful event.

Pulled into the station to fill up after two days of river roar. Everyone wondered were are you going to put this boat?

Dan smiling with his HUUUGGGGE hose.

Watching the meter on the pump spin. At the end of a long weekend.

The Saginaw River Station from the gas dock. It was a busy day for the crews at the station.

Chel driving the 44 for the first time. She is a happy camper.

Don on watch. Don and Ken did a great job of installing and understanding projects that needed to get done with very little instruction.

A tug making her way up the river just before the race begins.

Ryan with a grin on his face..."Look fokes it slices, it dices". Thanks Jeff for fixing the nozzel.

There is nothing sadder than a fireman with a limp hose...

Now he's happy again, and his hose isn't limp. Thanks again Jeff, great job on the nozzle repair.

Some of the boats making there way around the course.

Some of the boats making there way around the course.

Some of the boats making there way around the course.

Some of the boats making there way around the course.

The sign in the back ground says it all on the people from Bay City.

The Stephen B. Roman making her way back out to the lake.

Moving the 201172 to the USCG Station. Happy skipper!

Notice the skipper has had a long day, the drone of the engine, being on the water, sun going down, sleep is calling.

Tugs & bardge's tied up waiting for work

Either the water has to come up or it's going to be a hard pull to get her off.

Gliding past the homes on the Saginaw River

Ryan is happy to be at the fireworks. Notice the grill. It was a nice way to have warm food on the boat.

Walt has the portside lookout.

Dan is ready for anyhing...

Ryans driving skills are great during the daytime, not so much at night. He's Blind!

Some of the boats tied up for the fireworks. The Grey Fox is in town for the celebration.

People and cars are everywhere.

The bardge in the middle of the river packed with fireworks, just ready to go.

The 41 taking a look at the traffic on the river.

The steamer Alpena making her way up the Saginaw River. She was launched on Febuary 28, 1942 in Cleveland, OH with the name Leon Fraser.

Walt & Dan at the helm. We decided to go to Au Gres Michigan for lunch. Going further out in our area to check out different harbors, and saftey.

Bill on stern lookout, there was a fishing tourment between Linwood & Au Gres

Docked at the State Dock near US 23 in Au Gres and headed for the only place to eat, H&H Bakery.

Dan sure is smiling, tummy is full and the sun is high in the sky. People really were curious, and alot of questions about boater saftey.

Beautiful Homes line both sides of the banks here in Au Gres.

Au Gres Boat Club, gas dock.

Saying good by to the harbor. Her depth was between 11ft and 5ft all the way thru to the end of the line.

Dan's wondering were Bay City is from here.....or maybe Tawas?

Saginaw Bay Rowing Club Members getting underway.

These fokes looked real good, until they got halfway into the trip. 13 miles is a long way rowing.

We put 201172 into a side tow while we grilled lunch, and still providing support for the Rowing Club boats. My crew was real happy to see the grill..

Long towing drills on the 172 on the Saginaw River.

Not much to do Don but sit back and relax, we got you in tow.

201172 did long and side towing on us. I did pull him backwards, just because I could.

The 44' is in attack mode.

High speed turn, and roll...

Nothing but a nice action picture.

Great picture Dan! 80* Sun and great crewmembers.

She is ready for anything! And the crew is getting ready also. Great sunny day, and a great crew!

Found a picture of the 44 on Lake Erie in Heavy Seas in 1966. The lack of life jackets, and the big T on the seamen for trainie.

The Logo for the Great Lakes with the Indian, and the reference to being the eighth sea, and the 40 foot patrol boat.

Jeffs Facility 232036 in a high speed pass. Note the hats turned to the go fast position. PS Jeff your Balls are hanging out!

Taking Jeffs boat into tow to practice. Little did we know that this practice would come into play later in the day for real vessel in distress.

He sure liked to rub it in, going by us a high speed. Still nice boat Jeff! Great addition to The Bay City Flotilia!

We have the Stricken Vessel in tow away from the island and rocks, and the traffic running by us a high speed. Notice the 232036 guarding the stern.

Making our way toward the river and the sidetow so we can get information from the captain of the vessel.

We have him in sidetow and the no-wake zone, now we can ask him questions. Seems his belt shredded on the engine, causing the engine to overheat.

He was glad to see us, he had no ancor, and his son is going to have some great stories to tell his mom when he gets home.

The 44 headed for the Bay, and mother nature isn't happy. Last ride of the year for the 44 and she kept us safe and returned us home. 10/15/2011

She is on the ground! 10/18/2011 and winter is coming.

The power washer is finding all sorts of issues, that will be addressed in the spring, and some this fall.

20 tons just hanging by two straps. She still looks great.

The port side paint looks great still. Minor problems that will be taken care of.

The starboard side paint being in the sun, shows some problems.

Cracking and peeling. To much sun....

Notice the cracking from hot and cold, shrinking...

Both of the starboard and port props need some TLC before they really start to have problems. This starboard side has a small chunk missing.

Port side not as bad.

Next spring 4/26/2012 this will be her going back in for another year of work.

Ready to be covered for the winter.

Covered 11/2/2011 good night girl see you in the spring.

Moving day 4/26/2012

New props, shafts, berings, couplers. 10K worth of repairs

They look too pretty to be in this water. Painting the bottom next.

On the move

She is ready to splash!

Hanging waiting, she is ready to go!

Closer, closer

Touching the water at last!

At her dock ready to go. Raining, windy, crapy out, just the way she likes it.

On the Bay in a small boat with another small boat taking on water at bouy 18 in the channel with 4 pob's and no life jackets in 4-5 foot waves.

Keeping a watchful eye on the vessel making headway to there safe return. 6/2/12

Weather was 17 knot winds with gusts to 31 knots. Again 4 POB's and no life jackets on and did I mention the water temp was 64*

We made it to the dock and fueling up for our next call.

Higgins Lake 2012 Training! Looks like it's going to be another bad day on the lake.

Loading up the boats at the lake. Clouds will give way to 88* and clear sky's.

Three boats and alot of personal, ready to go.

Underway getting ready to tow.

Tied to the dock and breaking the tow. Job well done!

Lunch time break with a swell bunch from the Higgins Lake flotilia. Thanks again guys & girls.

Side tow, two boats headed for the dock.

Almost there!

Perfect! Nice Job fellows.

Getting ready to get underway for Bay City River Roar 2012. Lots of sunshine, and a great crew from Lansing.

Ken Williams finishing up the last minute details, lets get her ready to go Ken!

Kathy Wells on the portside watch

Douglas Colwell at the helm

Ken Williams on the starboard watch

William Rosenburg on the portside stern watch.

USCG 25' aton vessel making it's way to the races.

The proud lady making her way to the event.

Mike Sprague, Douglas Colwell, and William Church on the helm of 44334.

Downtown at Vets Park in Bay City Michigan

Her engines are purring this morning.

I'm holding class on the 44 when the 26 comes over and wants to do towing drills. The 26' is our newest training vessel and she is wonderful!

Lines away! Walt Kline throws us a life line.

We get the 44' hooked up to the 26' to show the trainies what is involved in a side tow.

Kathy Wells is at the helm, with Geoffrey D'Aria at the starboard watch.

Boats during time trials, waiting there turn, and staging for the next race.

Waiting for the comand to line up for the start.

Taking a lunch break, the 44' and 26' look great together.

Close up view of the stern of both vessels. I touched bottom with the port prop coming away from the dock. Ahhhh....

The 26 making good time on the river.

One of the race boats flipped and crashed. I'm just guessing but I don't think that the boat in two pieces is suppose to be that way.

William Rosenburg, and Michael Sprague are putting out a training fire.

Now it's Kathy Wells turn.

Headed for the barn, our day is done.

Douglas is in deep thought about the days adventures.

The boys on the 26' are also headed for the barn. Great job men.

The 49' bouy tender, waiting orders. There were no less than 3 boats jocking for the gas dock.

Taking on fuel, shoe horning the vessel into a tight spot.

She's looking great next to the 41'

Two proud ladies standing tall.

We are all here getting fuel.

Enroute to Tawas with Dave Stokes at the helm and mother nature isn't happy.

At the spark plug on Saginaw Bay, at a break in the rain, hey Matt take off them sunglasses. Dan's waiting for sunny weather also...

David is taking a break form the helm and waiting for lunch on the high sea's. He's also got the stern watch...

Matt is getting schooling from Dan about underway navagation. Chart plotting, and engine watch are some of the fun things on the boat.

Gravely Shoal looking as she has for over 80 years...

Another rain squal, and the sea's are starting to build. She dosn't care...

We come upon the 47 boat from Station Tawas doing ancor drills in the rain, poor kids, but what a great way to learn.

Saturday morning towing drills, and the Tawas 47 boat making her way to us, just having a look over.

Ken Williams getting ready to receive the line from the 47 crew to make the hook up for the tow.

Ken is receiving the line from the 47 boat. Notice the knot in the line, it's going to fall short.

We have hookup, and now the tow line is being paided out.

We are under tow...Nice sunny day and the kids are happy.

Setting up for the side tow...

Kens got the number one line attached, now the two and four are under way.

We are all hooked up and underway...Great job kids.

Our turn to tow the 47 and she is looking great. The lady is happy towing again...

Approching the 47 for the side tow..

Lunch time in Station Tawas's mess hall.

Everyone is happy, and the talking around the table is non-stop...

Reading the check off list before getting underway.

Disabled AUX vessel needs towing...

Mike Heger & Ken Williams waiting there turn for search patterns..

John Penne and his facility..we were playing hide and seek and he found us.

Dinner time at Mike Hegers house. Great job to one and all.

More people at the dinner in the other room.

Most of the Bay City flotilla

More of the people who we owe allot to.

Underway Sunday morning, sunny no wind..See you next year Tawas!

Gravley Shoals looks different in the sun. Notice the front hatch is open to try and get a breaze.

Dans got a great look at the shoal.

Taking turns driving and sunning ourselves.

Getting clsoe to making the turn on the Saginaw Bay.

sunny day and hundreds of boats are making there way out to enjoy the bay.

Putting 68 gals for the whole weekends fun on board.

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